Design and Decorating

Creativitylane - Transitional Master bed room

Classic?  French?  Rustic or Modern?  Together we will fin your style and your wonderful.  A bespoke, interior design service with consultation, project management, space planning is what we do.  Whether you just want a design concept to execute over time, or you’re renovating and need help with project management and dealing with trades, our design services is as personal and customisable as it gets. 


We know that not one person is the same, nor is their budget and time, but we will find solutions to result in something you can truely love and enjoy with your loved ones for years to come.  We offer a range of design services to corporate and domestic clients.

Building & Pre-Start Consulting

CreativityLane Pre-start consulting

Don’t the let stress of building your dream home damper your design choices.  Let us help you choose co-ordinating, desirable colour palettes, furnishings, surface materials and necessary key ingredients to make your new home truely something to be proud of, and where you can share life’s special moments with friends and family in your very special space, suited to your personality, your heritage, and displayed inherited pieces.  

We work from the planning stage, or if you space is already built, and ready for tile, flooring, window coverings and paint selection, we can assist at which ever stage you are at.

Realestate Styling & Photography

CreativityLane property styling

Showcasing your home to a prospective buyer is the most important aspect of the selling process.  A home should invoke emotions of awe and joy when displayed correctly, so that the viewer can imagine living there.  This doesn’t happen when your “personal stuff” clutters a space.  Proper styling and professional photography is one of the most effective ways of getting the buyer through the door to see your home as their potential new home. Buyers will browse online realestate websites first, and professional photos will entice them to view the property in person.   

We know from our realestate background, what buyers are looking for in a home and we can transform your property into something a buyer will not want to walk away from.